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When Is Deviation From A Blackjack Betting System A Good Thing?

When Is Deviation From A Blackjack Betting System A Good Thing?


We have heard it many times again and again.  “Don’t deviate from the blackjack betting system.”  “Don’t deviate from the blackjack betting strategy.”  And my favorite, “Don’t ever split tens!”


But is there ever a time you could of, should of, would of deviated from any system or strategy in the sacred game of blackjack?  The purest amongst us will certainly be yelling at the computer screen right about now with a resounding NO!


But hold on to your favorite blackjack hat (that you haven’t washed in years because you think it brings you good luck) boys and girls!  There are definitely certain situations that will warrant an action against the norm.


And here is the secret formula to use:


          Knowledge + Common Sense = Deviation  [K+CS=D]


It’s really that simple.  And here are a couple of examples:

1.     You are sitting at a full blackjack table and there are thirty-two cards dealt out among the players and the dealer.  There is not one face card, ten or ace in the whole lot.  I refer to this as a “white out”.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist here or even an expert card counter to know a whole bunch of good hands are going to be dealt next.  It’s time to bet the ranch regardless of what your system tells you to wager.  A wager of 5 to 10 units would not be over doing it.  In fact I would point this out to the whole table and the dealer and make a big deal about it.  This deviation is nothing more than using a specific situation and common sense.

2.     In another situation you may find yourself sitting there with a hard sixteen and the dealer has a face card.  Of course you are supposed to take a hit.  Hold the phone!  In this case you happen to know the card count is at an extremely high positive count.  You also have a large bet in front of you.  It’s time to deviate.  Stand!  Common sense tells you your hand has a 99% chance of busting if you take a hit like strategy dictates.  But this is the time to deviate.  By the way, you will most probably lose anyway when the dealer turns over another face card. J

3.     And here is one especially for the card counters who find the count a high positive.  You are sitting at third base and have two face cards against the dealer’s six.  As a card counter this would be a situation that dictates you split the face cards and reap additional profit.  Wrong!  This is the time to deviate from your normal play and stand.  The reasons are again so common sense.  You simply wave that hand let the dealer flip over the hole card to show a ten, take a hit and get another ten.  And you and the rest of the table are winners.  Here is what probably would happen if you split the face cards.  First, you just made the rest of the table groan.  Then you put the dealer, the floor person and the whole upstairs security department on notice that you are counting cards.  Congratulations!  Then after you split your first card is another ten so you split again.  You get another ten and table rules state you can’t split again so you’re on to the next hand.  Bottom line is you end up with six hands with all twenties.  Now the dealer flips over the hole card as a ten and take a hit on the sixteen and boom… gets a five hit to beat the whole table.  What else would you expect when you just sucked up four bust cards for the dealer in your greed to take advantage of a high count.


Deviations should only be made in the area of a playing action or the amount of your wager and it needs to be based on knowledge specific to that one situation.  Card counting is the premier source of additional information and knowledge during a blackjack session.


The high-low method of card counting will benefit any blackjack betting system and it is easy to learn and master.  The cards are given specific values and the total deck will end up with a cumulative total of zero.  The 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are given a value of +1.  The 10, J, Q, K, and Ace are given a value of –1.  The 7, 8, and 9 are given a value of zero.  Count the cards two at a time when the hands are dealt out at a table and don’t let your counting interfere with your action on your hand in a timely fashion.  In other words don’t make the dealer wait while you are trying to count cards. J  Practice card counting with a single deck by exposing two cards at a time.  Your cumulative total again will be zero.  If your cumulative total is a +2 and you have two cards left in the deck to turn over they better be tens, face cards or aces.  It’s not hard folks.  The mental exercise will be good for you and it is great extra information to have while playing any system.


You will find a whole chapter devoted to deviation in the new CD eBook, Blackjack to the Nth Degree – Formula Cycling Method.


P. C.  Moriarty has been researching and playing blackjack betting systems for the past fifty years.  He has found the Formula Cycling Method to be guaranteed to work and is based on structured mathematical innovation mixed with blackjack psychology.  He can be contacted at his blog



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