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Tricks When Using Chips to Track Betting Lines

The most difficult part of using the Formula Cycling Method is keeping track of the betting lines in some cases. Most of the time your betting lines will be short and repetitious and you will have no problems. But now and then you will get a betting line that can get a little difficult to use with just memory alone.

Most (99.9999%) of casinos will not allow the players to use a pen and paper at the blackjack table. Those days ended in the 90’s. So using your chips at the table is an easy and convenient way to keep track. After all there isn’t a casino in the world that would want you to take chips off the table.

Tip #1: You do not have to keep track of the betting line until it gets difficult to remember.
Tip #2: You can remember the first two numbers of the betting line & only use chips for the rest.
Tip #3: You can use a code to represent the actual number. This will confuse the cameras.
Tip #4: Always use common sense.

Tip #1: When you start out with FCM system your betting line is 1 * 2 * 3. You bet the table minimum until you lose a wager then you add that total loss to the right of the betting line. i.e., you are at a $5 minimum table and you lose the first bet so your betting line is now 1 * 2 * 3 * 5 and your next wager is $6. This is very common and you should be able to keep track of this in you head.

If you don’t have the system you can purchase the 167-page eBook at a special price here:

Tip #2: So now you betting line has gotten a little larger; i.e., 3 * 5 * 6 * 8 * 13. You can always remember the first two numbers so you place three piles of chips in front of you. First stack of chips on your left totals 6, the second totals 8 and the third totals 13. You next wager is 16. If you lose just take a fourth stack of chips to the right totaling 16 and your next wager is 19. If on the other hand you win then your new betting line is 5 * 6 * 8. Again you can remember the first two numbers and now only have one stack of chips in front of you totaling 8 with your next wager of $13.

Tip #3: Using a code to represent an actual number is nothing more than reducing each stack of chips by a certain number. The easiest number would be by “10”. Lets say your betting line is 5 * 8 * 13 * 19 * 24. Again you can remember the first two numbers (5 and 8) so you will have three stacks of coded chips in front of you. The first stack on your left would be 3 (13 minus 10 =3), the second stack would be 9 (19 minus 10 = 9), and the third stack would be 14 (24 minus 10 = 14). So you can now understand the betting line but it would be confusing to the “eye in the sky”. In most cases they would not even pay any attentions to it.

Tip #4: If you always use common sense and understand what you are trying to accomplish you will develop your own art of keeping track of your betting line with your chips. If you can remember 3 or even 4 numbers on the left then you can have less chips on the table for representing your line. And if your line is getting so far out of hand then something else is wrong. You are probably sitting at a table that is not player friendly and need to move anyway.

Hope these little tips help. Email me if you need a copy of my pictorial eBook on how to use your chips at the table. And again, if you don’t have the 167-page eBook system you will find it at

As always, good luck!

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