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Training Yourself to Win at Blackjack

Training Yourself to Win at Blackjack

By P. Moriarty


Why do so many players end up losing at blackjack?  The reason is really a whole lot simpler than you think.  Simply put we are programmed to lose.  Yes, that’s right.  If you were talking to someone about blackjack and he told you he always won, your first knee jerk reaction is he’s a liar.


How many articles have you read that somewhere in the scope of the academic thesis of what the author is trying to get across it is always pointed out that you will have bad days, bad streaks, and you can’t win all the time.  Or you are discussing the game with a friend and he says, “I only bring X amount of dollars with me because that is all I want to lose.”  And then my all time favorite is, “Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose”.


And it doesn’t stop there.  Even the casinos get into the act in their advertisements.  And it’s really very clever when you think about it.  Their ads seem very respectable and community orientated by always warning you not to play over your head.  But make no mistake.  They are programming and training you to lose.  They are in the business of winning and you losing.


Now don’t get me wrong.  Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak.  You need to keep level headed and always use common sense when it comes to money management but that is a different issue.


So let’s train ourselves to win instead of programming ourselves to lose.  And the first step is simply to be aware of all that negativity out there constantly bombarding your psyche.  Be very aware and remind yourself that is not you.  You don’t have to lose all of the time, most of the time, and more accurately you don’t have to lose anytime.


The second step is to plan a winning day.  If you walk away from the casino with $1 more than you came in with you are a winner!  Easy right?  Wrong!  To walk away winning only a dollar is more demoralizing than leaving a $500 loser.  Why?  Because it just isn’t something you are going to go out and brag about.  “Hey, I just won a big $1 profit from the casino!”  Doesn’t sound so good does it.  And you won’t draw a very big crowd around you wanting to know how you managed to do that.


And that brings me to the third step.  Don’t discuss your winnings with anyone.  That knowledge has to become a trade secret.  Don’t even discuss it in a chat session on the Internet.  It is very important to keep your ego out of your blackjack life.  The big reason is 99% of the people you come in contact with about blackjack believe you will lose.


So now we have established three simple things in the process of training ourselves to win at blackjack.

1.     Become aware of all the negativity surrounding the game.

2.     Plan a winning session even if it is only for $1.

3.     Do not discuss your blackjack business with anyone.


Let’s concentrate on step 2.  Winning $1 for a whole day’s work sounds so insignificant to the point of embarrassment.  But I am here to tell you if you are consistently losing then winning $1 is a big deal.  And you have to learn to really think of it as a big deal and a great accomplishment.


Look at it this way.  You lose three playing sessions in a row over the period of one week that totals a loss of $699 and then on the fourth session you win $1.  You just didn’t win one dollar.  You just had a swing from negative $699 to a positive $1.  That is a total swing of $700!  Now that is something to cheer about when you look at it in that light.


Being able to walk away from the casino winning only $1 and feeling good about it is probably the greatest achievement you will ever make in training yourself to win at blackjack.  Yes, I am dead serious!


So the first thing you do is the next time you play blackjack is to leave a winner.  I don’t care how much it is or how soon it comes after you start playing.  The minute you are up; stop and leave.  I don’t care if it is right after the first hand.  You have to start learning how to leave the casino a winner and feel good about it.


Now you just got over that big hump in road on your winning journey yesterday by walking away after you won your very first hand at a $5 blackjack table.  You congratulated yourself and didn’t tell a soul.  You did it!  You broke that losing cycle.  Now you can start planning your next win.  So today you put down on paper your goal to walk away after you win a total of $15.  Yes, I know that is three times as much as you won the first day but you can do it.  This is very important.  Really!  If you can win and walk away with the amount you planned then you deserve to sit back and smile and relish the winning feeling.


It’s the third day now.  You have been a consistent winner for a total of more than 24 hours.  The goal you set today is to walk away a winner for a grand total of $35.  Sounds too simplistic?  Do the math.  If you can play for 30 days straight and win thirty-five dollars each time you just became a $1015 dollar winner for the month!  Now that is something to write home about (but don’t forget about step three ö).


And if by chance you should fall back into your losing ways just pick yourself up and start over at the very beginning.  You can do it.


I am very fortunate to have a friend who developed a winning betting system that he guarantees to work.  It is the Formula Cycling Method.  And yes I use it and yes it does work.  This system comes in handy especially for those who need a little help in figuring out how to win on a consistent basis.  It is a method he developed during his fifty years of winning at the game of blackjack.


Don’t listen to those who tell you that can’t work (refer to step 1 ö).  This betting system does work and it is guaranteed to work.


If you get a chance stop by my blackjack blog and we can discuss it.

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