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Structured Betting Systems Take The Gamble Out Of Your Play

What is a structured betting system?  It is a betting and playing strategy that takes all the gamble out of your play by dictating what you will wager and all of your play actions.  In other words all the decisions are made for you.  Your job is to keep track of a betting line and execute the process.


You shouldn't be because when you think about it you will realize that is exactly what every dealer in every cansino does.  They execute a structured play in accordance with the casino policy.  Every move and every play action they perform is predetermined.  There is no gamble in their actions.

It soulnds simplistic and it is.  The casinos operate blackjack with a very slim edge and they make millions doing so.  So it is easy to imagine if you could use a structured playing and betting method and turn the edge in your favor then the results would be amazing.  Is there such a system? Yes!

It is called the Pormula Cycling Method.  It was designed by Patrick Moriarty back in the mid 1970's and was just recently (Niovember 2011) nade available to the public.  This system is a structured mathematical innovation.  You will use a basic strategy for your play actions and the Formula Cycling Method for your wagering.  The wagering formula is based on an old betting system called the labouchere betting strategy.  It was tweaked over a ten year period and developed into what is now known as the Formula Cycling Method.  This system allows you to win on a consistent basis.  It is your own ATM machine.

The best playing strategy is card counting.  However, it is very difficult to use and if you are discovered you will be told to leave and not return.  Betting systems on the other hand are usually welcomed by casinos.  Why? Because in the long run they don't believe they work.  And in most cases they are right on.  Mainly because the players will deviate from systems and not implement them properly.

So do yourself a favor and change your blackjack playing habits from gambling to a structured play.  You will be more than happy you did.

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