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The 147-page eBook

Complete Blackjack System

Newly Published 12/12/12


147-Pg eBook

Complete Blackjack Betting System






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Complete Blackjack Betting System - Staying Under the Casino's Radar Package

This Package Includes:

This blackjack betting system is guaranteed to work

(1) The 147-page eBook.  This eBook explains the entire system in detail.  This is a structured mathematical innovation taking the guesswork and gambling out of your play.  Your play becomes automatic resulting in winning on a consistent basis.  This system is designed to win $100 per hour; three hour sessions per day.  This system pays for itself in the first hour of live play.  After that it will be your personal ATM machine affording you a life style of your choosing but keeping your winnings low keyed and under the scrutiny of the casino.  This is a newly published eBook 12/12/12 based on the original Formual Cycling Method.

Also included is a 24 page eBook, "Secret Tricks to Winning Blackjack.

Both eBooks are included with this purchase and will be made available to you at the download site.

This System Is Guaranteed To Work

Time To Purchase This System Is Now



"Hey Pat!  I first read the original Formula Cycling Method and it was great.  But I just finished reading the new "Staying Under the Casino's Radar" and can only say... WOW!  This puts the system in a whole new light.  Amazing!  Good job!"  David B, Harrisburg, PA


"Hi Patrick, I wanted to let you know that I have used the Cycling Method the first time this week and I'm up $688 on three trips to the casino! Not bad for under 10 hours of work!"  Thomas D., Michigan


"Hello Patrick, OK, I am a believer now so I am returning the original payment to you as I said I would. I am also going to send an e-mail soon as well. Have a Great Weekend !!"  Bruce B., Illinois


"...The rest of the games were played using the Advanced Formula.  Game #2 ended with $173 win, Game #3 had a $33 win and the final game – Game #4 I won $235.50."  Bob J., Florida


"I purchased your CD eBook Blackjack to the Nth Degree - Formula Cycling Method off an e-bay auction some time back.  I must say in practicing this money management method on the on-line live dealer BetPhoenix I've had great success (playing in the "FUN" mode).  I feel confident enough in the system that I'm ready to implement it for REAL money."  John L., New York


"Just to let you know I am up $1,000 with your system in three days.  Purchasing this was a good deal."  Jeff, G., Canada


This System Is Guaranteed To Work

Time To Purchase This System Is Now

Staying Under the Casino's Radar

new blackjack betting system

The NEWS Media is reporting that gambling online will soon be LEGALIZED!

Delaware is the first State to make online gambling legal! June, 2012!

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Want to win every time you play blackjack?  Just incorporate these four key elements.

Want to stop those losing streaks?  Just follow one simple instruction.

Need another dependable source of income?  System will make you $100/hr or more  three hours a day.

Income lower than your current monthly bills?  This system provides you with that needed income boost.






147 page eBook shows you how to:

Win and keep yourself under the casino radar.

Make blackjack a steady source of income.

Take the gamble out of your play.

Win on a consistent basis.

Stop the losing streaks.


This is an eBook.  You will receive a CD containing the PDF file.

Staying Under the Casino's Radar

CD eBook - 147 Pages



IF YOU CAN FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS; This newly published blackjack betting system will make you a consistent winner!  During tough economic times this system could be the difference of YOU being able to offer help to others in the comfort of your BRAND NEW winning zone that you have carved with this betting system.

Will ship within one working day of a verified payment.

You are bidding on a CD that contains one eBooks.  This eBook is in PDF format.   

The New Complete Blackjack Betting System - "Staying Under the Casino's Radar" is a structured mathematical innovation.  Four key elements working in unionism allows you to overcome the casino's edge and win on a consistent basis all the while staying out of the casino's scrutiny.  Since this system was developed mathematically, all the work is done, and all you need to do is learn and practice this method which can be implemented in Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat games.  The system can be learned in 15 minutes.
This system uses elements of the Labouchere betting style which uses techniques that include cancellation systems while combining bets and shrinking your total betting line to form cycles.  Additionally, it also incorporates elements of Progressive betting styles that press your wins in accordance to a predetermined structure designed to take advantage of favorable situations and winning streaks. 
This newly written complete blackjack betting system has a perfect mixture of both styles that allows you to have long term success on the tables.  We encourage you to try this product, study the ebook scenarios, and practice diligently.  We are here for you during this process and you are more than welcome to contact us anytime.  If you are ready to start earning a passive income through an exciting and innovative approach then give this product a try today!
For more information about what is included, scroll down and check out the questions & answers.





Questions & Answers


Below are some repetitive questions and inquiries along with the responses.


Q: Does this system and betting method really work?

A: Yes, and it won’t be long after you put this system into practice that you will whole-heartedly agree.


Q: Is this system hard to learn?

A: No.  You should be able to grasp the concept in about fifteen minutes.  However, it takes practice to implement the system flawlessly in order to cycle every betting line.  The more you practice the easier it becomes to win every playing session.


Q: I can never find a casino with a $2 minimum table.  Why do you teach this system as playing at a $2 blackjack table?

A: The system works best at a $2 minimum table.  And it will work just fine at a $5, $10, and even a $15 minimum table.  As the minimum increases so will your bankroll requirement.  You will always need a sufficient bankroll in order to cycle your betting lines.  Practice at the $2 table until you become comfortable with the mechanics.  Then change your betting minimum accordingly to match the casino’s you will eventually play live.


Q: How much of a bankroll will I need to play at a $10 minimum table?

A: Please refer to chapter 2.  You must learn how to calculate your bankroll yourself.


Q: Why do you limit playing sessions to one hour and only three sessions per day?

A: The reason is two fold.  First, an hour session will be sufficient to result in about a $100 profit level while not straining your mental and physical capacity.  It is important to always be able to maintain that sharp mental edge.  The three-session limit helps maintain a level of winnings that are beneficial based on your time and effort while keeping you under the casino’s radar of scrutiny.


Q: Can I play two hands at a time with this system?

A: It is not recommended playing two hands at a time.  However, a player who has mastered this system through constant practice and positive live playing results on a consistent basis will find it useful in certain situations.  A large wager can be split in half and played with two hands.


Q: Can this system be adjusted to make thousand of dollars each day?

A: Yes.  But if you do that you have just created your own system.  And you have limited yourself to playing at only a few select casinos around the world that can accommodate a large minimum to maximum wager ratio.  You will also need a very large bankroll.  And oh yes, get ready to get barred from playing.  Casinos don’t like to lose.  This system was developed to win a reasonable amount on a consistent basis while not raising red flags to the casino.


Q: Does this system change the house edge?

A: No.  The house edge is a statistical advantage for the casino and is built into the game. The player must act first.  The casino advantage comes from the fact that if the player busts, the player will lose regardless of whether the dealer subsequently busts. Nevertheless, blackjack players using basic strategy can reduce the house edge to less than 1%.  Players who deviate from basic strategy through ignorance or just plain gambling will have a much higher loss rate.


Q: If the casino always has the edge how does this system make you a consistent winner?

A: This system is a structured mathematical innovation.  By using all four key elements (Formula Cycling Method, basic strategy, avoiding losing streaks, and analyzing & adjusting) in union, this system will give the player a positive playing environment that will increase the odds of winning exponentially.  It is mathematically impossible to lose if you complete a betting line by cycling.


Q: Is this system good for tournament play?

A: No.  You will never win tournaments playing this system and wagering method.  Card counting combined with progressive betting will give you a better chance.


Q: Are there any drawbacks to this system?

A: Yes.  There is one drawback to this system.  It is boredom.  Even though you will become a consistent winner using this system, boredom can set in due to the methodical and mechanical nature of your required action and re-action.  The monotony and tediousness should not be an impediment, though, especially when you count your winnings at the end of each day’s sessions.  Boredom can be tolerated with winning.


Q: Why does this system work so well?

A: The system is a structured mathematical innovation that takes all the guesswork and gambling out of your play.  This is what allows you to win on a consistent basis.


Q: Do you have to become Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man in order to keep track of the betting lines?

A: No.  By practicing everyday most betting lines will be repetitive and familiar.  But freshening up on a few memory tricks won’t hurt either.  If you do have trouble with a long betting line you can finish and cycle playing baccarat or roulette where you can write it down.


Q: What is the biggest stumbling block in learning this system?

A: Most people will not practice for 30 days before using the system at a live casino.  And they tend to deviate from the system causing self-inflicted problems.


Q: Can I really make $9,000 a month playing this system?

A: You will win on the average $100 per one-hour session three times a day.  That is $300 per day.  If you play 30 days in a row and cycle every betting line, you will win close to (if not more) $9,000.  However, it will take additional planning and more than one casino (probably three or four) in order to win that much on a regular basis and stay under the casino’s radar.


Q: Do I really have to pay taxes on my winnings?

A: Yes.  It is the law in the US.  IRS agents do frequent casinos looking for winners.  Once they tag you as a winner a tax audit will be in your near future.  Also if the casino tags you as a consistent winner, an obliging casino employee may point that IRS agent in your direction.  Keeping a business diary is very important.


Q: How do I get the status of a professional player for tax purposes?

A: The best way is to see a tax professional and have yourself set up as a corporation, a limited liability company, or even a sole proprietorship right now in order to have all the proper records to indicate your play is a business.  If you do not have yourself set up properly, the IRS will make a determination during a tax audit that you are either a professional player or a casual player (non-professional).  You can’t simply say you have losses to offset your winnings or that you are a professional player; you have to be able to prove it.  A professional status will save you tax dollars by allowing you to prepare your tax return in a way that gives you the least tax liability.


Q: Can you recommend a good online casino?

A: Sadly, no.  At the present time it is too easy for an online casino to manipulate software to give them a favorable outcome.  The casinos enjoy an environment with very little (if any) legal scrutiny.


Q: What type of person is this system best suited?

A: This system is good for everyone; even the very experienced player can add this to their vault of valuable recourses.  However, this eBook was written for that person who needs something reliable to increase their financial situation when needed.  Use this system to discretely make money and at the same time remove the gambling from your mindset and replace it with a business mentality.


Q: Can I tweak the system?

A: The system should be practice in its purest form.  Once you have mastered this system it will be only natural to apply tweaks based on your experience.




The 147-page eBook

Staying Under the Casino's Radar

+ the Secret Tricks of Winning Blackjack


147-Pg eBook

Complete Blackjack Betting System





Blackjack Formula Cycling Method

Caution: Although the NEWS Media has reported in December 2011 that gambling online in the United States will soon be legalized, you should check in your own State or Juristiction on the laws and statutes governing these casino games. 

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