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New Blackjack System Is Ready

Well, it took awhile but the eBook for Blackjack To The Nth Degree, Formula Cycling Method has finally been completed and put into print.  It is now on a CD in PDF format.  It is 167 pages with 41 illustrations.


The detail information on this CD is comparable to an academic course you would receive in the confines of higher education.
This method was originally designed as a variant of the Labouchere cancellation system but over the years has been tweaked and shaped into a guaranteed to work method.  It was developed to be played with blackjack but can also be used at baccarat and roulette.

This structured method takes all the guess work and decision making out of your play.  You just follow the rules and complete each betting cycle and you win.  You can also learn how to incorporate advantage play techniques to enhance and accelerate your wins.


Over the fifty years of playing this game I have heard all the positives and negatives one could utter about betting systems. So let me put my two cents worth in here.


Blackjack is totally mathematics and luck.  Why do I say luck?  To me luck (in gaming) is only the results of what happens.  If what happens is in your favor one will say it is good luck.  On the other hand, when things don't go well it's called bad luck.


Especially when someone wins consistently some people will justify that outcome as saying, "he's just lucky." 


So if you really think about it the best course of action to take if you want to always win is:  first, learn everything you can about the game that will put winning in your favor.  Hence, many of us will strive to learn many types of playing strategies.  And there are many of them out there.  One for single decks, two decks, multi-decks and strategies that take into consideration different casino rules.


Second, (and I think this is really important) you need to be consistent.  Yes, I have always loved consistancy.  You see if you are consistent one can correct flaws to influence the outcome.  But if you are inconsistent (making a decision based on feelings) one does not have a clue on how to make adjustments.


And that is exactly why I love this new betting system and method.  It is structured and it makes you consistent.


If you have a lucky shirt, ware it everyday; be consitent.  You will find out the truth about that one real quick.


So if you want to always win, take a look at the "Blackjack to the Nth Degree".  It is a system and a method that is guaranteed to work.


Enjoy!  Just Click Here to find out more information.


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