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Labouchere Blackjack Betting Systems

Labouchere Blackjack Betting Systems Just Don't Work. . .

"The Labouchere betting systems just don't work in the long run." (NOT TRUE)

At least that is what all the big blackjack gurus will tell you.  Their rationale is betting systems won't work because in the long run you will have a big losing streak that will cost you your entire bankroll!   Really?  

They call the mechanics of adding your loss to the betting line, resulting of an increase in you next wager immediately after a loss, nothing more than chasing money.  Really?

They believe a system based only on advantage play (card counting) is the only method usable in the game of blackjack.  Really?

The reality is the only reason OTHER blackjack betting systems don't work is because they tell you other systems won't work.  And then you make a conscious effort NOT TO USE THEM

Here's The Good News

1.  Labouchere (Cancellation) Betting Systems do work.

2.  Labouchere type systems are mathematically structured.

3.  The Cancellation methods used in calculating the next wager, by removing the ends of each betting sequence, actually takes away the house winning edge.  The player will be able to have more losing hands than winning hands and still end up with positive net win total at the end of a betting cycle.

4.  These type of systems are not dependent on a card count so you can leave one table and finish the necessary betting sequences at another table.  So there is no need to have long losing streaks at one table.  You just get up and move to another table after three or four losses in a row.  So again, there should be no risk in losing your entire bankroll.

5.  There is no "long run" danger that is referred to by the Gurus.  The average player plays on the "short run" all the time.

The Reality Of The Situation 

1.  Advantage players (card counters) are being phased out by the casinos with high tech surveillance equipment including but not limited to card shufflers, instant electronic analysis, cameras, and even high tech chips.

2.  Learn to manage your risk like any other investment venture.

3.  Learn to win small amounts many times over in order to stay under the casino's radar.

A Good Blackjack Betting System Is Your Next Learning Responsibility. 

Here is a good betting system to learn:

1.  This system is structured – it makes all playing decisions.

2.  Based on Mathematics and Money Management.

3.  It incorporates rules to prevent long losing streaks.

4.  System is casino friendly.  Keeps wins under the radar.

5.  Follow the rules and this blackjack betting system is guaranteed to work.

The Formula Cycling Method
by Blackjack to the Nth Degree

It took many years to convince the creator of this system to finally put this method into print.

One of the biggest reasons this system was developed was to rid one of the negatives and draw backs of using a card counting system.  Using the knowledge gleaned from the mathematics of card counting one can certainly put the odds in your favor.  However, casinos do not like to lose.  Retaliation by the casinos to card counters can result in an unpleasant experience.

On the other hand, the casinos usually welcome betting systems.  They believe in the long run the player will always go bust.  But by using the Formula Cycling Method enhanced with a proper positive environment you will continue to win and win.

This System Is Guaranteed To Work

This method is predicated upon a formula of betting sequences governed by mathematical principles.  Strict adherence to this structured formula can only result in a net win.  Only by deviating from the system's principles could one risk having a negative result.

It is common knowledge the casino will have the edge.  This means the casino will win more hands than the player wins.  If you wager a fixed amount of money on each hand and never increase or decrease the wager in any way, the house edge will cause you to end up a loser.  This system was designed to negate the house edge.  With this system you can lose 15 hands and win only 7 and be a winner at the end of a playing session.  You can lose 66% or more of the hands played and still is a winner.  Every play action and every wager is predetermined to the point of only being involved mechanically in order to implement the system.  There is no guesswork or need to rely on hunches.

The Formula Cycling Method was designed to win $100 per hour at a playing rate of three (3) hour sessions per day.   This could result in a positive cash flow of $9,000 per month.

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