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Introduction to Blackjack Strategy

Introduction to Blackjack Strategy

by Mike Nicklas


Casinos exist because the average player is playing for fun–they are playing for luck–they are gambling. But what if you had the ability to go to a casino and remove luck and gambling and play on logic and math? One of the most popular card games that this is possible in is blackjack, and many people have made thousands of dollars learning the art of different blackjack strategies such as the Formula Cylcing Method. This is a popular method that incorporates a mixture of labouchere variant and progressive betting styles. This means that by using this system of betting you play the game using a system of cancellation that uses different betting amounts to complete a cycle and result in profit. Similar to day trading or investing, by removing emotions and eagerness to make money, you can focus on the fundamentals that are proven to work. The Formula Cycling Method is a prime example of this because if you follow the betting system and complete a betting cycle, it is mathematically impossible to lose money.

Gamblers are the people that keep the casinos in business because they bet on emotions which usually lead to a loss in capital because of the nature of casino games. However, by using a contemporary approach, such as the Formula Cycling Method, to betting and playing blackjack you can stop acting like a gambler and start playing like an investor. Some traits of a gambler include hoping to win despite unfavorable odds, doing little research or preparation before taking on risk, is partial to emotions like greed and fear, and ultimately they will lose money. However, traits of an investor include doing thorough research and preparation, knows a favorable position that alludes to a high probability of winning, utilizes a ration and proven model, doesn't allow emotions to influence decision making, and when following their fundamentals they will make money.

If you want to start playing like an investor, it is important that you do your research which means you need become familiar with a proven betting system. Once you are familiar with it, you need to study it and begin to carve it into your memory so you do not fall back to emotions or irrational decisions during crunch time. Using basic strategy will flip the favor of a blackjack game from the casinos bank roll, to your own wallet. Typically, a gambler holds less than 1% chance of leaving a blackjack game profitable, therefore an untrained player will lose money in the long run. However, when you become a trained player and know what to look for and play different scenarios, you can flip that ratio and become the profitable player.


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