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Insights Into the Blackjack Formula Cycling Mehtod

My formula cycling method system is variant of the Labouchere system. However, instead of one pulling a starting betting line just out of the air, my system is structured. So it takes the guess work out of what to bet next and how to select a betting line. My system incorporates a basic strategy so it also takes out the guess work on the playing action.

It is mathematically impossible to lose if you cycle in my system. However, a very long losing streak could strain your bankroll or even worse deplete it. If you do bust out your bankroll you could replenish it and come back to complete the cycle and you will still be a winner after the cycle is finally complete. This is why I teach players how to avoid losing streaks.

When you practice the system for at least one hour a day for 30 days, a light bulb will eventually go off in your head and you will realize how sound the system actually is. Then and only then can you start to make adjustments in order to play at different minimum table limits. You see, once you have that confidence in how it works… you will know with certainty that you can win on a consistent basis.

Remember the Martingale system? It is a great system… unless you get caught in a losing streak. The casinos have found they can bust and control system players by raising the minimum bet and lowering the maximum bet. What happens is if a betting line grows it may reach the maximum bet. That can be overcome by playing two hands or more. And you can leave the table and divide your betting line by 4 thus reducing the bets and staying within the table limits. But then you have to complete the same cycle 4 times. So the best way is to avoid losing streaks. That is why my system contains four elements of play; betting strategy, playing strategy, table selection, and avoiding losing streaks.

Now to answer your question about how you record a loss if you double down and split. The purest way is to take your total loss and add it to the right of the betting line. However, you could enter them individually. For example, your first wager is $10 then you split and wager another $10. You get another split for $10 and one of the hands you double down. You lose everything. So your total wager is $40. Your betting line was $5 * $10 * $5. So the new betting line in purest format is 5 * 10 * 5 * 40 with the next wager being $45. OR…

You could record it as 5 * 10 * 5 * 10 * 10 * 20 with your next wager being $25. Just remember if you us a starting betting line of 5 * 10 * 5 your cycle ends when you betting line totals $19 or less. This will automatically make you a winner of at least $1. Cycling is mathematically based on the fact you win at least $1. So if you cycle you win. The more you cycle the more you win.

I never try to lock you into a bankroll figure. I force you to practice the system then keep records of how much you had to risk. This way you will come to realization of your own figure of a bankroll based on your own experience. I will tell you that I can sit down at a $5 minimum table or a $10 minimum table with a buy in of $500 and never have to go over that bankroll. But I have been doing this for over 40 years. So I would suggest a buy in of $500 but have a total of $2,000 available if needed. By practicing you will see that $500 should suffice. If you go over that then something is wrong.

Here are some thoughts on online blackjack. Right now it is my personal opinion that all online casinos are manipulated and you will not get a fair shake. However, if you use my system and the maximum losing streak of 3 or 4 losses in a row, you won’t get hurt. A bigger problem with online blackjack is their software will keep track of you very closely. Casinos don’t like consistent winners. So you should play at several different online casinos to mix it up. Once the US allows online casinos (which is starting to happen state by state) then the gaming commissioners will keep them legit. At that point my system will be perfect for online play because you can keep track of your play better at home.

Don’t forget my system works with roulette and baccarat. Losing streaks are handled just a little different in those games but I do explain that in the eBooks and videos.

Please contact me anytime.


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