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How To Enhance The Formula Cycling Method

There are many blackjack betting systems out there that can work.  You just have to learn them, test them, and then use them.   And of course the one promoted on this site is our own, "Formula Cycling Method".  This system is a mathematical structured innovation and allows you to win $100 per hour in each session up to three sessions per day.

All though you won't get rich overnight this betting system will earn you $5K, $6K, $7K, $8K, $9K or more each month.  And it will keep your winnings small but plentiful and under the radar of the casino's ever watchful eye in the sky.

Can You Earn More

 There is a way to enhance this blackjack betting system when you make your bets out of a betting cycle.  What does that mean?  The betting cycle (or betting line) begins when you lose your first bet.  You add this to a pre-determined formula (based on the fibonacci number) the follow the betting sequence until you complete the cycle.  But when you are "out of cycle" and win this is the oportunity to win even more money by pressing (parlay) your win until you lose.

Pressing Your Bet

When you press your bet out of a betting cycle it is recommended you use a half press.  This way you can continue pressing and pressing until you lose then go right into a betting cycle.  The ideal starting wager using the "Formula Cycling Method" is a $2 bet.  So if you are out of a betting cycle and win the $2 bet your next bet (half press) will be $3.  If you win this $3 bet then your next bet (half press) will be $4 (always round up).  If you win the next bet will be $6; then $9, then $14, etc.

After Your Winning Streak

Let's say you won five bets in a row.  You started out betting $2 and on your sixth bet you were wagering $14 and lose.  Since your original bet was $2 that is the amount you now add to your betting line in the "Formula Cycling Method" and continue until your cycle is over.  Using this type of ehancement to your betting system allows you to increase your winnings and take advantage of a winning streak.


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