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BJ Method


The Best Blackjack Betting System

What makes this the best Blackjack betting system?

Nine out of ten times if you ask an experienced blackjack player what is the best blackjack system out there, they will undoubtedly say it is the card counting system.  If you continue and ask them if they win with card counting systems all the time, they will tell you "No; of course not.  No one can win with any system all the time.  Then if you ask them what is the biggest draw back of the card counting systems most probably they would respond with, "Retaliation from the casino if you're caught!"  And if you ask any of these experienced professionals if they ever played systems like the Martingale, Labouchere or other cancellation systems they will tell you, "You can't win with those systems because you will eventually go bust".the Formula Cycling and Blackjack Betting CycleUntil now their viewpoint would have been correct. But with the release of Blackjack to the Nth Degree – Formula Cycling Method, they are dead wrong!




This was almost kept a secret. It took me years to convince Pat Clemens (not his real name) to put his system to print.  It took him over 40 years to hone and develop this system into a "Guaranteed to Work" method.  The secret lies in the structured mathematical innovation mixed with blackjack psychology.

And now you can purchase this CD eBook for a mere pittance of its real value. With this system you don't have to look over your shoulders wondering if you are going to get caught and thrown out of the casino or even worse… Casinos are more than happy to let the non-counting betting system type players take their turn at the blackjack table because they too are convinced the player will go bust!  And if you can find a reputable online casino the sky will be the limit.  And you can accomplish this in the comfort of your home. This 167 page CD eBook with 41 illustrations reads like an academic masterpiece.  If you don't purchase this now, remember the next time you're at the tables the guy next to you with all the chips stacked in front of him…did!

Long kept secret.  This betting system allows you to overcome the casino's edge and profit at will.
This is a Structured Mathematical Innovation
This system is perfect to play on an online casino in the comfort of your home at anytime!
There was no doubt I purchased this blackjack betting system with some skepticism.  But after following all your rules and practice sessions I went to a live casino.  After playing this system live for six weeks now you have made a believer out of me.  Just like clock work each playing session ends with a win.  And the more I use it the easier it gets.  –  John A.  St. Ann, MO

This system is a BARGAIN at $2,999.  But you won't pay $2,999.
That price would be less than what you could make in ten days of play!
You won't pay $1,999 or $999 or even $399.
The amount you can win each month is limited to only the number of days you are willing to play!
With a system that is guaranteed to work you and you will be able to recover your cost the very first day of play.
Today you can purchase this blackjack guaranteed to work method at a low introductory offer.  The time to buy is now.

Introductory Offer Only


This price is subject to change without notice. This is a limited time offer.  The value of this information is worth thousands of dollars.  After completing this eBook you will have the knowledge to earn a minimum of $300 per day; day after day.
Tak advantage of this low introductory offer now. After payment you will be redirected to the download link.  Sometimes there are circumstances that PayPal will not redirect you.  However, sales are monitored on a regular basis and you will be sent a link within 24 hours.  If there is a problem email me at the PayPal email address.


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