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Blackjack Betting System

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Card counters are having a rough time at the casinos these days.  Once a casino tags you as a counter (whether you are or not) you're gone.  You're history.  It is that simple.  So what are the 90% + blackjack players that always come up a loser at the end of each year supposed to do?  Well, if you have some patience and are willing to learn and understand and then adjust to your own personal situation and available casinos, then my system might just be for you.


I make no bones about it.  This system is not for everyone because most players just don't have the patience or concentration level needed to be a winner on a consistent basis.  You know, if you won just $1 every day for a whole year, you will have won more money than 95% of all blackjack players.


So take a look below.  I have made some special deals available to my readers and you tube customers.  If you do purchase my system at any level, I make myself available by email to help you become successful.  But you better hurry because I am getting ancient and my cancers are beginning to get the best of me.




Wouldn't you like to have the peace of mind of being able to earn money you need for any reason and at any time? Well now you can! This new blackjack betting system has been developed over a period of 40 years. It is a mathematical structured innovation that allows you to win consistently day after day. It will teach you how to pick a winning table and avoid those nasty losing streaks. Take the time and check out the many different products available for you to learn this system.


Structured betting systems are relied upon by every casino in the world. This is why every blackjack dealer uses a sturctured method of play.  Now is the time for you to turn the tables on the casinos and use THIS structured mathematical innovation that will allow you to win on a consistent basis. Don't pass up this opportunity.



This is a sampling of the Formula Cycling Method:




YOU TUBE VISITOR SPECIAL – 167-Page eBook download of my system for only $29.95 CLICK HERE


Long kept secret.  This betting system allows you to overcome the casino's edge and win on a consistent basis.  This system can be used on Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat!
This is a Structured Mathematical Innovation Developed For Blackjack.  All The Hard Work Is Done. . .  Just Learn and Earn
The Formula Cycling Method is a Betting System Enhanced by a Perfect Mixture of Labouchere and Progressive Betting Styles all Accomplished Seamlessly and Automatically
Notice: Training/Guide Video Now Available
Blackjack Training Videos and eBooks
Labouchere Variant:  a cancellation system using the technique of combining bets while shrinking the total betting line to complete the betting cycle resulting in a net win.
Progressive:  a parlay system that presses your wins in accordance to a predetermined structure designed to take advantage of favorable situation during play.
Formula Cycling Method:  The perfect and seamless mixture of both!
Here Is A Special Tip:
The five key elements of this blackjack betting system are 1) the basic strategy, 2) using the betting strategy, 3) constantly puring your playing environment, 4) always preventing losing streaks, and 5) incorporating an investment approach.  But the big secret of this method is using all five of these key elements together.  This will make you successful and a consistent winner.



THE FORMULA CYCLING METHOD -  In a nutshell just apply the following:

1.  Enhanced betting technique on progressive wins

2.  Formula cycling method rules for wagering on first loss through cycle

3.  Use of basic strategy as defined for every playing action

4.  Implementation of player environment rules

5.  One hour session for consistent winning patterns.



Blackjack Formula Cycling MethodHow to avoid long losing streaks.

 How to pick a table that favors the player.

 How to stop gambling and become a profitable.

 How to consistently earn $100 per hour.

 How to consistently earn $300 or more each day.

 How to recognize a hot dealer and avoid that table.

 How to use this method with online casinos.

 How to spot an online casino that cheats the player.

 How to use this system with baccarat, roulette & craps.

 How to be regognized by the IRS as a professional and  given professional status.

 How to enjoy tax breaks given only to those with a professional status.

 How to make put your play on auto-pilot where all decisions are made for you.

 How to mix a progressive style seamlessly and maximize your profits.

 How to use card counting techniques and stay under the radar of casino's scrutiny.

Blackjack Formula Cycling Method

Please Note:  The new Blackjack to the Nth Degree system is here at last! Just Click Here  for more information and for a SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER.  This was almost kept a secret.  It took me years to convice Pat to put his system to print.  Yes, long kept a secret for many years this system allows you to overcome the casino's edge and become a consistent winner.  The secret is the structured mathematical innovation mixed perfectly with blackjack psychology.  It is an academic masterpiece!


Sitting down at a blackjack table for your very first time can be very intimidating to say the least.  You could be nervous and jittery to begin with then all of a sudden the dealer and players are talking in terms that you just don't have a clue to what they mean.  So we will start with important terms deemed necessary to understand as soon as you sit down at the table.

Table layout:  These are the markings you see on the green felt of the blackjack table.

Designated player's area:  These are white lined rectangles or circles where each player will place their bets.

Blackjack table layout

Playing rules:  Most important playing rules are printed on the table right in front of the dealer.  Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17's.  Blackjack pays 3 to 2.  Sometimes other rules will be listed such as Insurance, Surrender, Double Down, and Split.

Shoe:  This is the box that holds multiple decks.  Most shoes will have four, six, or eight decks pre-shuffled.  It is normally placed to the dealer's immediate left.  This will speed up the game and multi-decks are used to help neutralize card counting.

Automated shuffler:  This machine is used to shuffle the cards automatically while the game is on-going with a set of pre-shuffled card-decks in the shoe.  This will also speed up the game getting more hands played per hour.  These are very sophisticated machines and are also capable of preforming other tasks for the casino.  They will help eliminate card clumping and can some can read the cards and keep track of them to help security spot card counters.

Betting limits:  This is a placard that describes the minimum and maximum wagers that can be made at that table.  Most are color coded and interchangeable in order to increase the minimum throughout the day.

Denomination of casino chips:  White chips value = $1.  Red chips value = $5.  Green chips value = $25. Black chips value = $100.

Chip Rack:  The built in box immediately in front of the dealer.  These are the casino's chips (bank) and has a very specific placement for each denomination in order for the casino and security to keep track of the game's progress.  It is also used to make payouts when the player wins and takes in chips when the player loses.

Player chips:  These are the players chips that were purchased from the dealer or won by the player and kept in front of the player and close to the arm rest.  These chips must not get too close to the betting area unless the player is making a wager or continuing wager as the game is played.

Player's hand:  These are the two cards dealt to the player.  It is important to note these cards are dealt face up and are never to be touched by the player.  The dealer will handle all cards.

Dealer's hand:  The dealer will have one card face up and one card face down immediately placed underneath the dealer's up card.


Practice Your Blackjack With Wizard of Odds Here








BELOW Is A Simple Version For Fun – Not For Practicing FCM System

Blackjack Game

Your Bet
Available Funds




Don't be afraid to check out other systems and strategies.  Understanding what is out there can only help you.  Compare and then decide:

Blackjack to the Nth Degree



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    Blackjack Betting System
    There are many blackjack players out there that simply lose on a regular basis. This blackjack betting system – the Formula Cycling Method is a structured mathematical innovation and will make even the novice a consistent winner on a daily basis.








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    19 Responses to “Blackjack Betting System”

    • HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GET A SPECIAL DEAL ON MY GOLD PACKAGE for this innovative blackjack system.

      The regular price is $74.95.  But if you act right now you receive this special offer for only $44.49.  YOU RECEIVE YOUR PURCHASE VIA IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  You will receive four (4) eBooks and ALL SIX (6) Training Videos.  You will be paying via a secure PayPal link.  If you have your own PayPal account you will be directed to the download site immediately. If you don't have a PayPal account I will send you a link to the email address on your PayPal receipt usually in a very short period of time but definitely within 24 hours of purchase.  You can contact me anytime via  BUY NOW – CLICK THIS LINK

    • Hi Stu,

      My system is variant of the Labouchere system.  However, instead of one pulling a starting betting line just out of the air, my system is structured.  So it takes the guess work out of what to bet next and how to select a betting line.  My system incorporates a basic strategy so it also takes out the guess work on the playing action.

      It is mathematically impossible to lose if you cycle in my system.  However, a very long losing streak could strain your bankroll or even worse deplete it.  If you do bust out your bankroll you could replenish it and come back to complete the cycle and you will still be a winner after the cycle is finally complete.  This is why I teach players how to avoid losing streaks.

      When you practice the system for at least one hour a day for 30 days, a light bulb will eventually go off in your head and you will realize how sound the system actually is.  Then and only then can you start to make adjustments in order to play at different minimum table limits.  You see, once you have that confidence in how it works… you will know with certainty that you can win on a consistent basis.

      Remember the Martingale system?  It is a great system… unless you get caught in a losing streak.  The casinos have found they can bust and control system players by raising the minimum bet and lowering the maximum bet.  What happens is if a betting line grows it may reach the maximum bet.  That can be overcome by playing two hands or more.  And you can leave the table and divide your betting line by 4 thus reducing the bets and staying within the table limits.  But then you have to complete the same cycle 4 times.  So the best way is to avoid losing streaks.  That is why my system contains four elements of play; betting strategy, playing strategy, table selection, and avoiding losing streaks.

      Now to answer your question about how you record a loss if you double down and split.  The purest way is to take your total loss and add it to the right of the betting line.  However, you could enter them individually.  For example, your first wager is $10 then you split and wager another $10.  You get another split for $10 and one of the hands you double down.  You lose everything.  So your total wager is $40.  Your betting line was $5 * $10 * $5.  So the new betting line in purest format is 5 * 10 * 5 * 40 with the next wager being $45.  OR… 

      You could record it as 5 * 10 * 5 * 10 * 10 * 20 with your next wager being $25.  Just remember if you us a starting betting line of 5 * 10 * 5 your cycle ends when you betting line totals $19 or less.  This will automatically make you a winner of at least $1.  Cycling is mathematically based on the fact you win at least $1.   So if you cycle you win.  The more you cycle the more you win.

      I never try to lock you into a bankroll figure.  I force you to practice the system then keep records of how much you had to risk.  This way you will come to realization of your own figure of a bankroll based on your own experience.  I will tell you that I can sit down at a $5 minimum table or a $10 minimum table with a buy in of $500 and never have to go over that bankroll.  But I have been doing this for over 40 years.  So I would suggest a buy in of $500 but have a total of $2,000 available if needed.  By practicing you will see that $500 should suffice.  If you go over that then something is wrong.

      Here are some thoughts on online blackjack.  Right now it is my personal opinion that all online casinos are manipulated and you will not get a fair shake.  However, if you use my system and the maximum losing streak of 3 or 4 losses in a row, you won't get hurt.  A bigger problem with online blackjack is their software will keep track of you very closely.  Casinos don't like consistent winners.  So you should play at several different online casinos to mix it up.  Once the US allows online casinos (which is starting to happen state by state) then the gaming commissioners will keep them legit.  At that point my system will be perfect for online play because you can keep track of your play better at home.

      Don't forget my system works with roulette and baccarat.  Losing streaks are handled just a little different in those games but I do explain that in the eBooks and videos.

      Please remember, if you purchase the system I will be more than happy to work with you while you learn it and practice it.  Your success is my success.

      Please contact me anytime at


    • The betting strategy is only part of a successful system.  Learning how to avoid losing streaks is just as important in order to make any system work.  Basic strategy, betting strategy, selecting the right table, and avoiding losing streaks when used in unison will be what makes you a consistent winner.

      • ustonapc:

        Hi Pat,
        I have sent you an email like you asked. I think avoiding losing streaks are important, but if the math is right  than it would not matter cause eventually you would close the betting cycle anyway. A mathamatical advantage obtained can not be ajusted so like card counting you will in the long run be a winner?  Thanks for your help. I just want to have a deeper understanding about this. You can add this as one of the questions  I have put in an email to you.
        Thanks and have a bright day!

        • Hi Stu,  I have responded to your email but will also post the answer here.  You are correct about the mathematics of my system.  When you cycle, you win.  It is that simple.  However, with the technique of avoiding losing streaks you make the cycles quicker and thus you can win more money in the same period of time.  For example, if you close a long cycle that involved several losing streaks it may take you 30 minutes to close the cycle and win a total of $6 to $20 in the process.  But if you avoid the losing streaks the cycles close sooner and you win more often.  In the same period of time you may have closed 10 to 15 cycles winning $30 to $50 in the 30 minutes.  Take care and win often.

    • ustonapc:

      How do we use this if we are able to only bet in increments of 5 euro in Europe? Inwhich the minimum bet is 5 and if you bet more you have to bet 10 15 and so on.

    • One of Blackjack's Greatest Misconception:

      Most players think it's their skill that will make them a winner.  But this is not entirely true.  It is more than skill and the knowledge of the game.  In fact, it is actually a combination of four key elements used in conjunction with the other simultaneously.

      Yes, you need to use a blackjack basic strategy.

      Yes, you need to use some sort of money management whether it is a card counting system or a blackjack system like the Formula Cycling Method. that is a structured mathematical innovation.

      But here is one that most players give very little thought.  You must learn how to pick a winning table.  Yes, one can do that with quite a positive reslult once you understand the concept of what makes a table good or bad.

      And probably the most important of the four is you must learn how to avoid losing streaks.  If you can master these four elements you will be on your way to winning on a consistent basis game after game after game.

      Want to know how?  Just contact me or go to the products page.

      Pat Clemens

    • whatsup:

      Hey Pat
      Thanks for putting your system into print.  It works for me!

    • willingtolearn:

      Just received the booklet and I am very excited.  I do appreciate your free bonus offer to send me the 167 page CD eBook after I have used this system for two weeks.  You can bet I will be contacting you for the download.  Many thanks for your help so far.

    • RichardC:

      I have tried a lot of different systems that I bought online and they all turned out the same way. I never have given up on finding that system that truely does what I says and I am glad I didn't. I am most excited to receive this system, implement it and share my results. Just want to say thanks again to Pat for giving me a chance to try this program and a chance to change my lifestyle as well.
      Richard C.
      Henderson, NV

      • Thanks Richard for your post.  I have just emailed you with a copy of the system in "ITS RAW FORM".  This will give you a head start while you wait for your 167 page CD eBook to arrive later this week.  If you have any questions just contact me.

    • fedup:

      The system works just like you said it would.  I have played it with very few problems and have won each time.  The first day I only played for about 45 minutes at a $5 minimum table.  I was up $127 in about 30 minutes and left.  It is the first time I have stayed in a casino less than an hour and went home a winner!  Thank you!

      • I very excited to hear you have implemented the system and it is working for you.  Please remember that the more you practice this system the more it will become second nature to you.  As this happens and you confidence builds you will begin to make money on a consistent basis.  Thank you for passing on your experience.

    • alexio702:

      I am an experienced " adavantage player" card counter from las vegas and can say that counting cards alone will not make you be able to win at blackjack consistently. Combine this with all the new casino counter measures to prevent card counters to be able to play without being detected and then getting baned it is almost impossible to win at blackjack through counting cards. I have been looking for a system like formula cycle method for many years and can say I have never seen another system like this that can consistently win at blackjack! I look forward to implementing the only system that can win at blackjak everytime and playing while not having to sweat any casino heat and have blackjack be enjoyable again .Thank you blackjack to the nth degree! 
      Alex R
      Las Vegas ,nv

      • Thank you Alex. Your input and experience will be invaluable to this forum. Welcome aboard. The Formula Cycling Method is just beginning to expand internationally. The CD eBook has sold in China, England, Netherlands, and Spain not to mention in about 13 States here in the U.S. The first public sale was on this past Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011.

        Pat Clemens

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    There are many blackjack players out there that simply lose on a regular basis. This blackjack betting system - the Formula Cycling Method is a structured mathematical innovation and will make even the novice a consistent winner on a daily basis.

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